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Their sound is a kind of meet-up between bands like Mumford and Sons and the Lumineers but with Carrabba's vocals, and it's the best songwriting he's done in years.Carrabba's work ethic has always demanded he be constantly writing, recording, producing, touring, and performing.The first video is titled "The Surprise - Part One", with subsequent parts spread over the three videos, first telling the party that Abigail's favorite band in high school was Dashboard Confessional (and still is).Then, asking the audience if there is anyone in the house named Chris Carrabba.And I watched their career with admiration as they went from this radio single kind of band, to doing much hard work building an audience beyond that when that first phase was finished.

The video cuts abruptly, edited to reveal that Chris Carrabba, singer of her all time favorite band, actually is in the house and is at this very moment making his way to the front of the room.I ask him to tell me more, but Carrabba is too good, he is too nice, too diplomatic to give me a tell-all. I'm very happy with how my life turned out." It's easy to see why."I don't know that the circumstances of the breakup were that unusual or cruel."In "The Sharp Hint of New Tears", track two on that album, where he takes us inside his car and literally tells us it hears his confessions, he says "You've been asking me to bleed, it seems these kinds of questions come too easy to you now." He goes on: "Expect me to apologize for things that you've done wrong while you're inciting others; you're owning up to nothing and I wish that I was gone, cuz you're not going anywhere." Are these the confessions of one side of an especially sour relationship? I ask him if the things he thought and felt when he was this age, his early 20s (the age Swift finds herself currently) would he change anything? He admits that the songs on those first two albums were not about one person, but a few, and that some family tragedy allowed him to compound the emotions that wrought alongside the breakup(s).Video three captures Carrabba and the entire party, mid-song, singing "Hands Down", specifically the line where Carrabba wails "Hands down, this is the best date I can ever remember," one of the happiest songs in the Dashboard repertoire.You can find this incident reported on Time, Vulture, Buzzfeed, ET Online, MTV, USA Today, Mashable, as well as the Huffington Post.

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It wasn't a difficult hiatus, as nothing about their friendship changed between Carrabba and the members of Dashboard.

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