Canal de berazategui online dating

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Canal de berazategui online dating

Many thanks2009 Master's degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage. 2010 Stagiaire at Opificio delle Pietre Dure, conservation of mural paintings.

2010 Leonardo da Vinci projects, Stagiaire at the Institute fur Konservierung und Restaurierung (metals, stone, terracotta), Vienna, Austria and MUSA museum of contemporary art of the city of Vienna.

In that position I treated a wide range of mixed-material objects and obtained a lot of experience working with feathers, fur, leather, shell, beading, quill-work, various pigments and pigment consolidation.

Due to the fusion of two Voelkerkundemuseums in Sachsen--Dresden with Leipzig--the position was deleted and I am currently unemployed I have just finished up my coursework, as part of the last class, at the Textile Conservation Center in England.

I am studying painting conservation, and I have particular interest in Canadian art and modern painting.

Book conservation; Manuscript conservation; Islamic art of paper; Islamic bound manuscripts; Historical methods of paper marbling in Asia and Europe; Leather object conservation; Children's games and toys I have specialised in flat works on paper through my MA at camberwell and have further specialist interests in contemporary art and south asian works on paper.

i'm properly interested in metal and ceramic conservation, especially from archaeological field. My interests are: Conservation of Paintings and Heritage; Contemporary Art; Restoration of Mural Art; Aerosol Art; and Conservation of Graffiti and Street Art.

candidate doing her thesis on conservation of Contemporary Mural Art, on the use of traditional systems and criteria for the conservation of new techniques as aerosol art.

My degree was about conservation of hystorical jewels from Castellani collection. I have worked in the field of public art and have training in objects and paper conservation from Fleming College in Ontario, Canada.

Coordinacion Nacional de Conservacion del Patrimonio Cultural del Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia Calle Xicotencatl y General Anaya s/n Colonia San Diego Churubusco Del. Currently I am working at the Archives of Ontario, the second largest Archive in Canada.

I received my Masters Degree in textile conservation from the Textile Conservation Centre in the UK.

Subsequent to that I worked there, at the TCC, before taking over the position of Textile Conservator at the Voelkerkundemuseum, Dresden.

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Predominantly interested in wood and stone as well as gilding, painted and decorative surfaces, verre eglomise and ivory.

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