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Taught to play fiddle by local Creole fiddlers Roy Boyer and Charlie Pashia in the tradition of their fathers, Dennis gradually became an adopted son of the French Midwest Creoles living along the Mississippi River near St Louis.

A vibrant blend of Celtic, Canadian and Old Time sounds, this music bridges the gap between contemporary Canadian and Louisiana Cajun styles.

The person who gets the baby provides the next king cake. According to Cajun folklore, it is the spirit of a baby who died before it was baptized and engages in mischievous trick and pranks on the living. Fat Tuesday, the season that begins the twelfth night after Christmas and ends the day before Lent “Me” is often used as a secondary possessive to reinforce the primary possessive noun. According to Cajun legend, it is a creature that physically transforms from a man into a wolf or dog or even a bird. A classic Cajun concoction made by blending oil and flour and cooking them together.

E.g., “I’m gone to town, me” – meaning “I’m going to town.” Godmother.

Traditionally, the Mardi Gras season begins on January 6, the Epiphany, or Three Kings’ Day when the Wise Men visited the Christ child, and continues through Mardi Gras Day, always 40 days before Easter which is set based on the spring equinox.

Mardi Gras includes not only the “Throw Me Something, Mister” parades, but also balls and parties, where Mardi Gras royalty are celebrated.

A spell using physical items, like a charm or talisman.

Christmas is a magical time of year, but when you Christmas on the Cajun Coast, that magic becomes even more magical, when holiday events are coupled with exploring the beauty of the Atchafalaya Basin, feasting on Cajun fare, and meeting locals whose holiday hospitality is practiced all year long.“How’s Your Mom-and-Dem”?

As the greeting goes, and with Thanksgiving the fourth week in November, thoughts turn this time of year to family.

You may be doing one of the many tiny things that cause women to "NEXT" you online: - Your profile's honest and serious, but boring - Your pictures make you look like a lonely man (more often than you'd think) - You fail to evoke an emotional reaction - She imagines that meeting you will be awkward - On and on...

The result is The Gentleman's Guide – a complete system for meeting, attracting and dating women online.

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