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Phytopharm has started plantations of Hoodia, where this plant will be grown for future production of the tablets once the product has been approved.

Pure, approved Hoodia products will have to display their CITES stamp on the packaging.

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Caffeine (in excess) and epinephrine have many negative side-effects, of which dependence and addiction are probably the most serious. Don't spend your money and risk your health with surrogate Hoodia products.It can take many years before the exhaustive tests demanded by regulatory bodies like the Food and Drug Administration in America are completed. Most pharmaceutical products are first tested on animals and then with human volunteers of different ages and states of health.In the case of an appetite-suppressant, the tests would have to be carried out on overweight and obese subjects, including additional tests with overweight persons who suffer from various diseases such as diabetes, heart, liver and kidney disease, to check if the product has a negative influence when given to people who are not in good health.At the same time, these experimental subjects experienced a significant decrease in body fat content, when compared to subjects who were not receiving Hoodia.These findings are encouraging and the world is waiting for the final results on the efficacy and safety of Hoodia to be completed. No one can say at this stage how long it will still take for the thorough and complex testing of Hoodia to be completed.

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