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It has also been claimed it is more than a coincidence that Dr Canavero once gave a TED talk in Cyprus when the venue for the hospital scene in the MGS V trailer is thought to be the very same island, given there is a map of it clearly visible in the background.'Maybe some people there...

I don't know...maybe they recorded the thing from certain angles, maybe the cameras were set up in the right spots... It's just a hypothesis, but maybe it's not too far-fetched.'It has even been pointed out on one forum that Mr Spiridonov's meeting with Nigel Ackland, famous for having a bionic right arm, is related to the 'hoax' marketing project, given MGS lead character Solid Snake has a similar device.

Given Dr Canavero has published more than 100 papers and spoken more than 300 medical conferences about his head transplant plans, it seems highly unlikely he would want to involve himself in such a stunt.

But conspiracy theorists said such an ambitious and outrageous ploy is in keeping with the methods of MGS creator Hideo Kojima - known as a master manipulator of fans with elaborate trailers and press conferences in the run-up to the release of each game.

MGS creator Hideo Kojima once tweeted: 'The next project will challenge a certain type of taboo, if I mess up, I'll probably have to leave the industry', in what some have suggested is a nod to the marketing stunt.

The Italian neurosurgeon has since suggested the game's developers Konami may have stolen his likeness for the clip promoting 'Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain', which comes out in September, and may even sue the company.

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