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(Here's a mind-bender: Twitter and Facebook were newbielaunches at the time of ," Gore notes dryly."I had to kill my darlings," he says of the slide-show cuts. And that's the conundrum, in trying to pick which of the Al Gore threads to unspool.He's a Zelig, at the center of pivotal events in late-twentieth-century/early-twenty-first-century American politics, history, and environmental concerns.Depending on how the next 10 to 20 years go, you may live to witness all of this. On December 5, 2016, TV cameras glimpsed Gore stepping into the gilded elevator at Trump Tower on his way up to see the president-elect in a meeting brokered by Ivanka Trump. "First…while I was vice president, I always protected the confidence of my communications; I think any president who enters into private conversation is entitled to that kind of respect. The date on which the Paris Agreement went into effect was November 4, 2016.Four days later, we elected Trump, who'd promised during his campaign to "cancel" the agreement.The movie does an excellent job of something that's been elusive in climate-change messaging: It makes you see the connections between melting ice sheets and glaciers in Greenland and West Antarctica and the extreme weather shifts back home that many of us are beginning to recognize as weird, or worse.Greenland's ice sheet is disintegrating far faster than current climate models have predicted. I have had all of that that I need for several lifetimes.), past the new Trump hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, on to the White House.Al Gore, the unofficial Moses of this march, is dressed in black jeans, black boots, a black polo-style shirt.

This is four hundred million Olympic swimming pools' worth of water.") The rapid melting is setting in motion complex weather biofeedback loops that make it increasingly difficult for climate modelers to predict at what rates and how high the oceans will rise; how long the droughts and heat waves will last; how far afield diseases will travel out of tropical zones; how many years before the Great Barrier Reef dies completely; and when Miami, parts of southern Manhattan, and many other major cities will be underwater. "You've probably read enough stories to know I don't talk about that," Gore says. Any rise beyond that, and the world's climate, which has been more or less stable for the past 10,000 years, will enter a new era of weather instability that no serious climate scientist is prepared to call. He's been so close, so many times, only to lose the thing he was seeking, from U. political engagement on climate change…to the presidency."The exploding part of it was dramatic," Gore says, "and then a couple of minutes later, when it's kind of crumbling, in real time, it's like a computer-generated image." Except it's not computer generated; this is really happening.There are other moments in the sequel that are real, and terrifying: the footage of the destructive force of the 195-mile-per-hour winds of Typhoon Haiyan that utterly leveled Tacloban City in the Philippines in 2013; a storm vortex forming suddenly like a dark turbine over the Midwest; "a rain bomb" that appears to hit Phoenix with the strength of a tidal wave; 122-degree temperatures in India that turn the roads to taffy, so that pedestrians lose their shoes in the sticky pavement as they walk.Al Jazeera then used the frequency to launch (the now shuttered) Al Jazeera America, which fed animus against Gore; he's also been a lightning rod for animus from the likes of Oklahoma senator James Inhofe, former vice president Dick Cheney, and the Koch brothers.,which screened in Cannes in May and is out this month, is both more hopeful and scarier than the first film.

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