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[Read more about corneal inlays and implants for presbyopia.] Other options for surgical correction of presbyopia include: The first step to see if you are a good candidate for presbyopia surgery is to have a comprehensive eye exam and a consultation with a refractive surgeon who specializes in the surgical correction of presbyopia. The global burden of potential productivity loss from uncorrected presbyopia.

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You can expect your eye care practitioner to prescribe a stronger correction for near work as you need it.

Don't want to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses for presbyopia?

When you become presbyopic, you either have to hold your smartphone and other objects and reading material (books, magazines, menus, labels, etc.) farther from your eyes to see them more clearly.

Unfortunately, when you move things farther from your eyes they get smaller in size, so this is only a temporary and partially successful solution to presbyopia.

Presbyopia generally is believed to stem from a gradual thickening and loss of flexibility of the natural lens inside your eye.

Also, most people don't want to show their age by wearing eyeglasses that have a visible bifocal line.

Also, it's common for people with presbyopia to notice they are becoming more sensitive to light and glare due to aging changes in their eyes.

These age-related changes occur within the proteins in the lens, making the lens harder and less elastic over time.

Age-related changes also take place in the muscle fibers surrounding the lens.

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A number of surgical options to treat presbyopia are available as well. About the Reviewer: Vance Thompson, MD, FACS, is the director of refractive surgery and founder at Vance Thompson Vision in Sioux Falls, S. He also is professor of ophthalmology at the Sanford USD School of Medicine, a leading researcher in technologies for advanced laser and implant vision correction and a member of All About Vision's editorial advisory board.