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Our facility feels like a spa/medical/home theater environment for you and your family to enjoy. Our procedures are non-invasive, performed on the belly and always performed by a real Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.

2D, 3D and 4D are modalities/technology on the ultrasound system that produce various images. In order to capture and play back your baby's 4D movement, you will need to make sure you have chosen to record your session to a DVD video disk. you will see his/her movements and gestures in the color video.No, we cannot guarantee "specific" images, nor can anyone for that matter.What you see on our website are images taken directly from our clients and are exlempary when you drink your physician's daily recommended consumption of water.

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We do gender determination as early as 14 weeks and up to full term on all of our packages (twins should wait until 16 weeks).

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