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16 year old dating sites uk

A slightly different one – unprintable in ‘family’ circumstances – was in a trade magazine which crossed my desk some years ago.

Fortunately the hierarchy realised in time, and decided not to use NBG after all!

So it seems that I may have got my wires crossed with my previous suggestion.

I confess to have not thought about this feature before, but I cannot recall ever noting a bus of the RF, RT or RM family in service without those smart rear wheel trims.

Compared with all the plain green ones, this one looked very smart.

I doubt that few passengers ever noticed the difference, but I did!

In the 10th June 1969 House of Lords debate on the proposed Transport London Bill, it was dismissively stated that “London Transport management is very weak”, this from a Tory politician whose career had been mostly in agriculture.

More likely this was a maintenance edict issued by a management rethink.

Whilst it was a long while before wheel nut indicators etc., instances of loose wheels on large vehicles were not uncommon – I saw three trucks lose wheels on the M1 in a two month period in 1967 – and a stricter inspection regime than previously was put into place by many operators of large vehicles.

I’ve just had a look through Ken Blacker’s book ‘RT’ (Capital Transport,1979) and he states that ‘in November 1971 the order went out to garages to remove the discs.

and their retaining brackets from the rear wheels of all vehicles….reason given was economy…..

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I think that they might have been delivered new in this style, but normally were repainted without relief.